Friday, June 8, 2007


Sorry for the long absence from posting. We went up to Belgium this past week and then the batteries in my camera were dead so I couldn't transfer my photos to the blog.

We went up to Brussels for a day and I had the chance to buy a few French language comic books (bande dessinées). Comic books for French speakers are a far more serious business than English language comics, with a much larger selection of adult comics. Also, the pictures help with the context as I struggle to read the French. If you are in Brussels, I have been told that the best place for comics is the store "Brusels". It is just a few doors away from the stock exchange building in the Place de Bourse. The store had two rooms of comics and an upper floor with framed pics available for purchase.

After my morning shopping session we headed to see some arte nouveau houses. This beautiful one is for sale right now if you are interested in buying.

Later in the evening after a few Belgian beers we went out for some frites at the "best" friterie in Belgium. "Maison Antoine" located in Place Jourdan.

Et Voila! Les frites!

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