Friday, April 13, 2007

Keyhole top (Yay Photos)

My currently active WIP is the Kehole Top by Kate Gilbert in the current issue of Interweave. It is an open backed tank with a high banded waist and skirted bottom. I am using Berroco Nostalgia yarn in spring green. It is a cotton/acrylic/nylon blend. It has a nice bit of shiny thread stranded in with the mainly matte yarn.

You first knit the waist band and then the bodice stitches are picked up and knit up from the waist. Later the bottom is picked up from the other side of the band and knit down.

Here is a pic of the waist band with bits of contrasting yarn tied to it to aid in picking up stitches.

Then a pic of the start of the bodice after the stitches were picked up.

And finally a close up of the stitching in the waste band. I really like it. It is a very subtle stitch pattern created by twisting some stitches and slipping others.

The green is actually much more saturated then it looks in these photos. These turned out pretty washed out. I will try to improve the color and contrast on my next batch of photos.

And finally, for my French Word of the Day (FWOTD):
Tricoter = To knit (I thought I would get this word in at the beginning of the blog)


coco said...

Tricoter is a famous store in I know what it means!

milli said...

Looks great! My bunny is on hold at the moment as I've run out of yarn and have not been able to find it at stores here in my neck of the mid-west. Everything but the head is done! In the meantime I am knitting up a bunch of washcloths with Lionbrand's Kitchen Cotton.

Anonymous said...

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