Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have arrived

Je suis bien arrivée.
"I have arrived"

Ok so it has been a month since I promised to start this blog, but with all the flurry of moving, I just couldn't manage to get to the blogging. But I have been here in Paris for 1 week now and I think it is time to get this back up and running. It probably helps that today is a rainy day, so it is a perfect day to sit at home and work on the computer.

So speaking of running, I restarted running this week. We live just down the street from the "Bois de Vincennes." This is the large park/green space on the eastern side of Paris. This provides a great place for me to run and I have been taking jogs around the "Lac de Daumesnil." It is a pretty little lake with some islands in the middle. There are rowboats and ponies (yes ponies) available to rent at the lake.

I also have some updated knitting pics. First, the mostly completed keyhole top. I still need to find some buttons in order to complete it. This will of course require a trip to La Droguerie which is a wonderful knitting store in Paris. I have been there once before on a previous visit to the city, but have not made it there yet since the move.

And next up, I promised pics of my other project "The Rustic Sweater" cardigan from Rowan. I just completed the second piece for the front last night. So I have one more sleeve left to go.

This is the project during which I managed to teach myself how to knit 2-handed. I normally knit with a modified continental style, so I had to learn how to work with my right hand too. It really sped up the color work and I enjoy the rhythm it creates when I work with both hands. Here is some closer detail of the fairisle:

Well after my long initial absence, I am afraid it will be a few more days before I post again. We are heading up to London this weekend and I won't be able to post again until Monday.

À bientôt

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