Wednesday, May 23, 2007

London Calling

Or as it is said in French, Londres

After a small potential setback, we made it to London this past weekend. What setback, you ask? Oh, only an unexploded 500 lb WWII bomb found at a construction site nextdoor to our friends' flat. All the buldings on the street had to be evacuated until the bomb could be defused. It was discovered only a few days before we were scheduled to head up to London, but luckily the army managed to safely take the bomb apart and our friends were allowed home just a few hours before we arrived and we were able to stay with them.

We had a great time for the rest of the trip. It was a little disorienting for me to be there so soon after arriving in France. I kept forgetting that people could understand me if I spoke to them in English. Well, here are some less than typical pics from the trip:

This was a breast cancer funding advertisement. It added a bit of extra fun to the side of one of London's double decker buses.

And this is an Invader put up on Brick Lane by a French street artist who travels the word and "invades" cities with his work.

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kat said...

oh to be so close to London...I'm very jealous!