Friday, May 25, 2007

Photography exhibitions

I have been to two photography exhibition openings since my arrival in Paris. I am blogging about one of these a bit belatedly, but I wasn't really up and running yet when I went to the first one. It was an opening for Brian Finke at Galerie Philippe Chaume. Brian's collection being shown there is of american cheerleaders. My brother works for Brian and was responsible for the prints shown at the gallery. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics that I can put in here of the work, but you can follow th link to the gallery for more information. The show runs until July 13.

The second opening I went to is an open air exhibit just next to La Tour Eiffel. And just to make this an official Paris blog, here is the Eiffel tower pic for you.

The exhibit was called Alive or Vivants in French and it is animal photography by the french artist Yann Arthus Bertrand. The purpose of the exhibit is to call attention to environmental issues including global warming water conservation as well as focusing attention on the many endangered species in th photographs. The exhibit runs in Paris until August 22nd, but it is also running in other cities in Eurooe, so check the website if you think you might want to see it elsewhere.

I took a pic of Bertrand's honey bee photograph. I have been particularly concerned and interested in what is happening now with the disapearances of honey bees known as colony collapse disorder. Honey bees have been disapearing from their hives and no one knows what is happening to them. As I understand it, so far North America has been hardest hit by the mysterious disapearances, but it has also been happening in Europe and South America. It could potentially cause a major agricultural crisis as many of our food crops depend on honey bees for pollination.

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